Tower Copter With PID Controller

Hello friends, today We want to share our assignments about microcontrollers. We consists of 4 people, they are:

  1. Juan Andrew (15/386462 / SV / 09848)
  2. Wachid Kurniawan Putra (17/416821 / SV / 14559)
  3. Yassir Dinhaz (17/416824 / SV / 14562)
  4. Zia Aryanti (17/416825 / SV / 14563)

We are Vocational College students at Gadjah Mada University who major in electrical engineering, this copter tower is our final semester assignment.

Without further ado let’s learn when making this project

Step 1: Preparation

First thing you need to do is prepare everything that necessary to make this project, below are list of parts and a brief explanation about them

¬†1.Arduino Board (I’m using Uno at this project) read more